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Top Features

  • Get Noticed - Presented by Network Solutions, the trusted leader in domain names
  • Remain Anonymous - Network Solutions facilitates the exchange on your behalf, without revealing your identification
  • Flexible & Fast - A limited number of counter offers are allowed between the Buyer and Seller to speed the negotiation and finalize the sale
  • Easy & Secure - Network Solutions supervises the entire transaction from presenting the offer, transferring the domain into the Buyer's account, and payment to the Seller.
  • Offers of $25,000 or less will use our Certified Offer Service® -
    • Only $39 per Certified Offer
    • The Seller is immediately presented with a certified binding offer by email
    • You never exchange funds directly with the Seller
    • If your offer is accepted you will be notified via email and your credit card will be charged for the accepted offer price for orders up to $4999 plus a 5% transaction fee. However, for the accepted offer price between $5000-$25000 a wire transfer is required. If you are a Partner, your Partner account will be charged the full offer amount plus the 5% transaction fee. Network Solutions ® will contact you to verify your account information and initiate the domain name transfer.

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  • Offers over $25,000 will use our Certified Offer Service® PLUS -
    • $69 per Certified Offer Service PLUS offer
    • Offers are negotiated via the phone by a Network Solutions® Consultant
    • All funds are transmitted via wire transfer or charged to your Partner account
    • If the offer is accepted, the Buyer will pay the offer price plus a 5% transaction fee. The Seller receives the offer amount less a 5% transaction fee.

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About Certified Offer Service


When you need a domain name, you need it now. That's why Network Solutions presents the Certified Offer quickly. The offer stays valid for a short time-frame to create a sense of urgency for the Seller to respond. Sellers may accept or reject the offer, or respond with a counter offer. You'll know quickly whether the domain you want can be yours.

Secure & Easy

Network Solutions manages the entire process from presenting the offer through transfer of the domain name into your account. The offer is presented anonymously from Network Solutions. Payment to the Seller is never made until the domain is transferred. Network Solutions handles the transfer from the Seller's account and ensures the transaction is completed. A Network Solutions® Consultant works with you to arrange the transfer to your account.

Great Value

Network Solutions Certified Offer costs just $39 per offer and $69 for Certified Offer PLUS paid by credit card or charged to a Partner account. You receive any existing years on the domain name registration transfer for free.

Easy Payment

You won't pay the offer price until the offer is accepted. For Certified Offer Service, at the time of your purchase your credit card or Partner account is pre-authorized for the offer amount plus the 5% transaction fee. For Certified Offer Service PLUS, payments for the offer are handled via wire transfer or charged to your Partner account.

* Fees for Certified Offers are nonrefundable. Additional fees apply for successful transactions.

** Certain restrictions apply and Network Solutions does not guarantee that your offer will be accepted. Your offer is presented using contact data available in WHOIS; the information provided by the domain name registrant in WHOIS may not be accurate. Network Solutions makes no representations or warranties about the domain name you are interested in purchasing. It is your responsibility to ensure the domain name registration you wish to purchase from another party does not and will not infringe the intellectual property rights of another party.

*** The Value Assessment is intended as a helpful service only. The tool looks at several objective criteria that may be useful in determining the price you'd like to offer; however, the potential value of a particular domain depends upon many factors that are unique to each registrant. You should consider all factors you deem relevant to your situation in determining the amount of any offer. Network Solutions does not control the Seller's decision to sell and we cannot guarantee that any offer will be accepted.